GCPMA Email Advertising Sign up Form - Calendar Year 2024

Updated pricing for 2024 - Only $125.00 per ad

Due to production, print, and mailing costs, the GCPMA Board has decided to discontinue the publication of the Alliance Quarterly Newsletter.

We have decided to highlight our advertisers of the GCPMA in a new and more environmentally friendly way. We will send out a weekly email to our current database of over 1200 contacts. Each week we will highlight 1 advertiser.

Cost for each exclusive week: $125.00 

We will be limiting advertisers to just 1 week any given month and maximum of 6 months for purchasing an ad spot. This allows for all of our advertisers to be able to order at least 1 week to be solely promoted to our audience.

If you have any questions please email [email protected] and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Please have your ad ready for upload at time of purchase. If you are going to have different ads for multiple weeks purchased we will contact you before your specific week to get your ad copy.

A percentage of all ads purchased will go toward enhancing our GCPMA scholarship fund.


How to order

  1. Under "Select Month(s) to Advertise in" select the month that corresponds with the week(s) you would like to have your exclusive ad sent to our email database. (limit 6)
  2. Select the week or weeks you'd like to have an advertisement sent out to the GCPMA audience.
    1. We are only allowing for any company to advertise 1x a month.
    2. We are limiting advertising to 6 months per advertiser.
    3. advertising is first come first served, once ads are purchased for a given week(s) that week(s) are no longer available.
  3. Upload your ad file for the initial ad
  4. Enter your company information
  5. Enter billing information
  6. make sure billing address entered is for the credit card being used. If they do not match the form will NOT submit.
  7. Review form and Submit order.

We will contact you before any additional future weeks of advertising for that specific week(s) ad, and provide you a link to upload the ad and other important information. 

***You must select a week from a required month. Any month that is selected but does not have a corresponding week selected will result in a failed form submission. If you no longer wish to choose a week in a selected month simply unselect that month from the "Select Month" portion of the form and the weekly offerings for that month will be removed. 

2024 GCPMA Weekly Ad Space Order Form